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  •  Ophthalmic Surgery
  •  Colon and Rectal Surgery
  •  Gastroenterological Surgery
  •  Bariatric Surgery
  •  Neurological Surgery
  •  Surgical Oncology
  •  Gynecological Surgery
  •  Pediatric Surgery


Citation: Clin Surg. 2017;2(1):1488.Research Article | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2017;2(1):1487.Case Report | Open Access

Unilocular Cystic Lymphangioma of the Small Omentum in a Girl of 4 Years

Missoki Azanlédji Boume, Ayi Kossigan Adodossi Amavi, Komlan Adabra, Komlan Anani Mihluedo-Agbolan, Sessime Yawa Sanni, Serge Codjo Metchihoungbe, Gamedzi and Komlatsè Akakpo-Numado

Citation: Clin Surg. 2017;2(1):1486.Review Article | Open Access

The Enigma of Genetics on Development of Human Dentition

Isha Gargya and Jatinder Pal Singh Chawla

Citation: Clin Surg. 2017;2(1):1485.Surgical Technique | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2017;2(1):1484.Research Article | Open Access

Intervertebral Disk Mediated Postoperative Epidural Fibrosis: Experimental Model and Methods of Prevention

Sergey N. Larionov, Vladimir A. Sorokovikov, Konstantin C. Erdyneyev, Svetlana A. Lepekhova, Oleg A. Goldberg and Anna V. Rudakova

Citation: Clin Surg. 2017;2(1):1482.Case Report | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2017;2(1):1481.Review Article | Open Access

Evaluation and Surgical Treatment of Adult Pectus Excavatum Patients

MennatAllah M. Ewais and Dawn E. Jaroszewski

Citation: Clin Surg. 2017;2(1):1480.Case Report | Open Access

Report of Rare Emergency Presentations and Management of Delay Diaphragmatic Hernia in Five Cases

Amir Hassankhani, Alireza Amir Maafi, Yasman Safarpoor, Manouchehr Aghajanzadeh, Mohammad Sadegh Esmaeili Delshad, Tina Mehrpey Moghaddam and Elahe Rafiei

Citation: Clin Surg. 2017;2(1):1479.Case Report | Open Access

What is it: Malignant or Benign?

Frances J Lagana and Kristine M Cornejo

Citation: Clin Surg. 2017;2(1):1478.Editorial | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2017;2(1):1477.Case Series | Open Access

Impact of Newly Emerging Alpha-Gal Allergies on Cardiac Surgery: A Case Series

Kristen A Sell-Dottin, Michael Sola and Thomas G Caranasos

Citation: Clin Surg. 2017;2(1):1476.Research Article | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2017;2(1):1474.Editorial | Open Access

Pheochromocytoma in Pregnancy

Kacy Church and Marina Basina

Citation: Clin Surg. 2017;2(1):1473.Case Report | Open Access

Neuropraxia Following Resection of a Retroperitoneal Liposarcoma

Stevenson Tsiao, Subhasis Misra and Nail Aydin

Citation: Clin Surg. 2017;2(1):1472.Case Report | Open Access

Aortic Root Aneurysms in Twenty-Year-Olds: Don't Forget to Check the Histology

Monica A Isabella, Carol Langford, Alison Clifford and Eric E Roselli

Citation: Clin Surg. 2017;2(1):1470.Clinical Image | Open Access

Ectopic Recurrence of Craniopharyngioma

Saeed F, Anderson IA, Kamdar D and Ross S

Citation: Clin Surg. 2017;2(1):1469.Case Report | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2017;2(1):1468.Case Report | Open Access

An Interesting Periferic Artery Disease: Case Report

Haydar Yasa, Füruzan Aktuğ and Talat Tavlı

Citation: Clin Surg. 2017;2(1):1466.Research Article | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2017;2(1):1465.Editorial | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2017;2(1):1464.Clinical Image | Open Access

Protozoan Keratitis: Clinical Image

Maria Alejandra Benavides Cornea, Maria Belisa Baldo, Sara Guerrero, Shachar Tauber and Sandra Fernandez Figueiras

Citation: Clin Surg. 2017;2(1):1463.Case Report | Open Access

Endovascular Total Arch Repair Using In Situ Laser Fenestration

Alexander Bridges, Samvel Nazaretyan, John Kaufman, Frederick Tibayan and Victor M Rodriguez

Citation: Clin Surg. 2017;2(1):1462.Case Report | Open Access

Complete Large Bowel Obstruction by a Rare Pelvic Mass

Ali Aldahham, Ali Laery, Lamia Malek, Ahmad Almosawi, Issam Francis and Sami Asfar

Citation: Clin Surg. 2017;2(1):1461.Editorial | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2017;2(1):1460.Case Report | Open Access

Right Sided Reconstruction of the Heart for Invasive Angiosarcoma of the Right Atrium

Elien Brouwers, Marie-Christine Herregods, Eric Verbeken, Paul Herijgers and Wouter Oosterlinck

Citation: Clin Surg. 2017;2(1):1459.Case Report | Open Access

Reduced Port Laparoscopic Retroperitoneal Liposarcoma Resection

Olivier Nicod, Michel Degueldre and Giovanni Dapri

Citation: Clin Surg. 2017;2(1):1458.Research Article | Open Access

Sildenafil Transiently Delays Early Alveolar Bone Healing of Tooth Extraction Sockets

Elysse Orchard, Wanda Green, Renjith Parameswaran Nair, Fleurette Abreo and Gulshan Sunavala-Dossabhoy

Citation: Clin Surg. 2017;2(1):1456.Research Article | Open Access

Laparoscopic Lich Gregoir Extravesical Ureteric Reimplantation for Correction of High Grade Vesicoureteric Reflux- Short, Intermediate and Long Term Outcomes with Literature Review

Krishanu Das, George P Abraham, Krishnamohan Ramaswami, Datson George P, Jisha J Abraham, Thomas Thachill and Thampan OS

Citation: Clin Surg. 2017;2(1):1455.Case Report | Open Access

Biliary Lithiasis Associated with the Use of Ceftriaxone for Gastroenteritis in Children: Case Report and Literature Review

Carlos Teixeira Brandt, Maria Cecilia Santos Cavalcanti Melo, Monize Naara Lourenço de Morais Soares and Daniella Bandin Cruz

Citation: Clin Surg. 2017;2(1):1454.Editorial | Open Access

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