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Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3156.Research Article | Open Access

A Review of Visual and Endocrine Outcome Following Surgery for Pituitary Adenoma in a Tertiary Hospital

Ugwuanyi Charles1*, Anigbo Anthony1 , Nwaribe Emeka1 , Okpata Cyril1 , Ayogu Obinna1 , Salawu Morayo2 , Ekumankama Obasi2 , Paul Jibril3 , Arua Chinedu4 and Arewa Folusho

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3155.Research Article | Open Access

A Review of Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Managed in Resource Challenged Setting

Ugwuanyi CU1*, Anigbo AA1 , Nwaribe EE1 , Ayogu OM1 , Okpata CI1 , Salawu MM2 , Solanke O2 and Jamgbadi SS2

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3154.Case Series | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3153.Clinical Image | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3152.Case Report | Open Access

Fetoscopic Diagnosis of Adams-Oliver Syndrome

Joan Sabrià1 *, Mar Benassar1 , Annabel Laborda2 , Miriam Pérez1 , Gemma Arca1 , Elena Muñoz3 , Olga Gómez1 and Josep Maria Martínez

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3151.Case Report | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3150.Clinical Image | Open Access

A Strange Case of Toothbrush Ingestion

Fulvio Tagliabue1*, Giulia Bonfanti1 , Morena Burati2 , Giovanni Pesenti1 , Alberto Scaini1 and Mauro Pietro Zago1

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3148.Clinical Image | Open Access

Endovascular Repair of a Ruptured Carotid Aneurysm

Benjamin DEL TATTO*, Vincenzo VENTO and Yannick GEORG

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3147.Editorial | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3146.Case Report | Open Access

Anal Squamous Cell Carcinoma with Cystic Brain Metastases: A Case Report

Cameron David1*, Parkin Edward1 , Mitchell Peter J1 and Williamson Deborah2

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3145.Clinical Image | Open Access

Neonatal Pneumopericardium and Pneumomediastinum

Jianqing Jiang*, Zhiren Wang, Yifeng Zheng and Bin Du

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3144.Editorial | Open Access

The Noninvasive Intracranial Pressure in Patients with Intracranial Hypertension

Nicollas Nunes Rabelo1*, Breno Araujo Barbosa2 and Gustavo Frigeri3

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3143.Letter to the Editor | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3142.Letter to the Editor | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3141.Case Report | Open Access

A Geriatric Patient with Bullous Pemphigoid Limited to a Surgical Intervention Area

Lieten S1,2*, Faict S2 , de Coninck A3 , Debain A1 , Bravenboer B1,4, Scheerlinck T2 and Mets T1

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3140.Editorial | Open Access

Pilomatricoma Mimicking Myelomeningocele

Jennyfer Paulla Galdino Chaves1*, Maria Cecilia Closs Ono2 and Adriano Keijiro Maeda3

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3139.Case Report | Open Access

Isolated Myeloid Sarcoma of Femur in an Aleukemic Child: Case Report

Celik ZE1*, Ugras S1 , Aydin BK2 and Ozturk M3

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3138.Research Article | Open Access

The Predictors of Poor Outcomes of Ischemic Colitis, Including the Severity of Histopathological Features: A Four-Year Chart Review of 74 Consecutive Cases

Mantovani G1 , Colpani F2 , Manguso F3 , Palumbo A4 , Lucchini G5 , Chiarioni G6 , De Angelis M1 , Boccia L1 and Asteria CR1*

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3137.Case Report | Open Access

Hirayama Disease - A Not So Foreign Entity: Case Report and Literature Review

Yuh SJ1*, Guillon LL2 , Lalonde K1 , Boubez G3 , Wang Z3 and Shedid D1

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3136.Research Article | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3134.Research Article | Open Access

Continuous Submucosal Suture for the Pharyngeal Closure after Total Laryngectomy

Kitano M*, Otsuki N, Ohira N, Kimura T, Horiguchi S, Misako, Shiraishi K, Kobayashi T, Sato M and Doi K

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3133.Research Article | Open Access

Results of Open Transthoracic Plication of Diaphragm on the Respiratory, GI and Cardiovascular Systems, and Improvement of Life Quality

Aghajanzadeh M1 , Lahbari AA2 , Hemmati H3 , Ashoob MT2 , Tangestaninejad A4 , Fomani AA4 , Ashoobi MT2* and Jafarnegad A4

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3131.Research Article | Open Access

Experience of Inguinal Mesh Hernioplasty under Local Anesthesia: A 3-Year Experience in a Teaching Hospital

Zeeshan Hashmi, Rizwan Ahmed, Tehreem Zafar, Masood Ahmed, Nizam Yousaf, Kamran Chaudhary and Mansoor Madanur

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3130.Review Article | Open Access

The Role of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy in Severe Acute Pancreatitis

Sass Tamás*, Tóth Fruzsina, Susán Zsolt, Sápy Péter and Szentkereszty Zsolt

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3128.Research Article | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3127.Research Article | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3126.Research Article | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3125.Research Article | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3123.Short Communication | Open Access

The Effect of Stay-at-Home Order on Orthopedic Trauma in Chicago: Experience of a Level I Trauma Center

Ghulam H Saadat1*, Faizan Mazhar2 , Asma M Qureshi3 and Faran Bokhari3

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3122.Case Report | Open Access

Plexiform Fibromyxoma of the Colon: A Case Report

Joshua Ellis1 , Jacob A Ukleja1 , Raul Gonzalez2 , Tiffany Yin2 , Rondell Graham3 and Thomas Cataldo4*

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3121.Case Report | Open Access

Adult Chronic Intussusception Caused by Ileal Adenocarcinoma Treated with Ileal Laparoscopic Resection: A Case Report

Francesco Carafa1 , Antonio Varricchio1*, Antonio Antonino1 , Donatella Pisaniello2 and Mario Annecchiarico

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3120.Letter to the Editor | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3119.Case Report | Open Access

Non-secreting Retroperitoneal Paraganglioma Mimicking a Para-Aortic Abscess: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Hatim LAZAAR1*, Ouidad BARMOUSSA2 , Adnane AARAB3 , Rachid JABI1 and Mohammed BOUZIANE1

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3118.Case Report | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3117.Clinical Image | Open Access

Percutaneous Retrieval of Embolized Left Atrial Appendage Occluder Followed By Reimplantation of Different Type Device

Jan Zbigniew Peruga*, Edyta Ćwiek-Rębowska, Ewa Szymczyk, Łukasz Jankowski and Jarosław Kasprzak

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3116.Case Report | Open Access

Fatherhood in Men Who Underwent Bariatric Surgery in Campina Grande - Paraíba, Brazil

Camilla Ribeiro Lima de Farias1 Kalyanne Mayara Luna Alves2 and Carlos Teixeira Brandt3*

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3115.Case Report | Open Access

Manipulation to Treat Superior Cluneal Nerve Entrapment

Wang Jun1 , Yin Jichao2*, Hu Xing lV3 and Lei Chengxiang1

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3114.Case Report | Open Access

Sudden Blood-Filled Bulla in Oral Cavity: Case Report

Hui-Wen Yang1,2 and Yu-Feng Huang1,2*

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