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  •  Transplant Surgery
  •  Plastic Surgery
  •  Vascular Surgery
  •  Gynecological Surgery
  •  Gastroenterological Surgery
  •  Robotic Surgery
  •  Ophthalmic Surgery
  •  Pediatric Surgery


Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):1895.Editorial | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):1894.Editorial | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):1893.Editorial | Open Access

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Communicating Hydrocephalus in Wegener`s Granulomatosis

Katati MJ, Ortiz I and dela Sabiocruz Sabido J

Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):1891.Clinical Image | Open Access

ALCAPA in a 49-Year-Old Female Presenting with an Episode of Ventricular Fibrillation

Sebastian Michel, Christian Hagl, Angela Reichelt, Michael Naebaue and Rene Schramm

Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):1889.Clinical Image | Open Access

A Large Pulmonary Hamartoma

Åžahin F, Koç Ç and Aslan AF

Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):1888.Case Series | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):1887.Case Report | Open Access

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Saving the Upper Limb after Mutilating Trauma

Sebe IT, Lascăr I,Cortan S, Plostinariu M R, Carstea A I, Pencu DA and Hindocha S

Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):1884.Research Article | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):1883.Case Report | Open Access

Orthognathic Surgery: A Case Report

Eda Naifoğlu, Mehmet Emre Yurttutan, Dt. Can Arslan, Ayşe Tuba Altuğ and Ayşegül Mine Tüzüner Öncül

Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):1882.Case Report | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):1881.Research Article | Open Access

Management of Abdominal Wound Dehiscence Following Cesarean Section: The Case for Debridement and Immediate Primary Re-Closure

Reuben A Falola, Alexandra Tilt, Alexandria M Carroll, Madison J Kim, Gloria Bowles-Johnson, Christopher E Attinger and Karen K Evans

Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):1880.Editorial | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):1879.Clinical Image | Open Access

Emergency Minimally Invasive Surgery for Spontaneous Intracerebral Haemorrhage

Özyörük Åž, Yüzbaşı F, MuçuoÄŸlu AO and Kaptan H

Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):1878.Clinical Image | Open Access

An Intracardiac Mass Derived from Coronary Sinus

Irem Karauzum and Tayfun Sahin

Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):1877.Case Report | Open Access

Proximal Descending Colon Perforation Caused by Penetrating Trauma Abdomen; should it still be a Management Dilemma? A Case Report

Rajesh Sharma, Ramesh Bharti, Amar Verma, Rajesh Chaudhary, Supriya and Birender Sharma

Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):1876.Clinical Image | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):1875.Case Report | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):1874.Editorial | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):1873.Clinical Image | Open Access

Anterior Fontanel Dermoid: Do not Treat CT Scans

Parveen Kumar and Yogesh Kumar Sarin

Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):1872.Case Report | Open Access

Pathogenesis of Hypogastric Hernia

Buddhike SH Indrasena

Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):1871.Short Communication | Open Access

Anatomical Parameters for Nipple Position in Males

Hassanpour SE, Otaghvar HRA, Nasiri E and Shafiei M

Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):1870.Editorial | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):1869.Research Article | Open Access

Multivisceral Pancreatic Resections: Worth the Risk?

Arida Siripong, Mathew Chung and Shayna E Rich

Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):1868.Clinical Image | Open Access

Small Bowel Lipoma

Buitrago D, Cataneo J, Falchuck K and Poylin V

Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1) Review | Open Access

Foreign Body Injuries of the Hand and High-Pressure Injection Injuries: What is the Difference? A Mini Review

Recep Öztürk, Emin Kürşat Bulut, Coşkun Ulucaköy, Ömer Faruk Ateş and Sadettin Dolar

Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):1865.Case Report | Open Access

Eccrine Porocarcinoma of Scalp: an Unusual Malignancy of Sweat Glands

Basheeruddin Inamdar, Raghavendra Naik, Naresh Kumar V, Amith Kumar Chauhan, Praveen Kumar Reddy and Narendra Hulikal

Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):1864.Editorial | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):1863.Editorial | Open Access

Rupture of the Left Hemidiaphragm after a Motor Vehicle Accident

Ljiljana Gvozdenović, Dejan Ivanov, Olivera Ivanov, Mišo Dukić and Vladimir Dolinaj

Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):1861.Research Article | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):1860.Case Report | Open Access

Successful Management of Hyaluronic Acid Infiltration Embolism in Face: A Case Report

Hector Cesar Durán Vega and Alba Regina Camargo Goñi

Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):1859.Research Article | Open Access

Rare Presentations and Repair of Delayed Traumatic Diaphragmatic Rupture: Report of 39 Cases Over 10 Years

Manouchehr Aghajanzadeh, Hossein Hemmati, Mohammad Sadegh Esmaeili Delshad, Piroze Samidost, Omid Mosaffaei and Elahe Rafiei

Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):1857.Case Report | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):1856.Research Article | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):1855.Research Article | Open Access

Voice Outcomes in Laryngotracheal Stenosis: Impact of the Montgomery T-tube

Vaninder K Dhillon, Lee M Akst, Simon R Best and Alexander T Hillel

Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):1854.Review Article | Open Access

Intestinal Anastomosis

Manuel Gil Vargas, Mariana Lee Miguel Sardaneta, Dayana Pereira Reyes and Jaime M Justo-Janeiro

Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):1852.Editorial | Open Access

Dentition - Changing Shifts

Saurab Bither, Amandeep Kumar and Rupika Bither

Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):1851.Case Report | Open Access

Disruption of the Staple Line in a Patient w?th Intrathoracic Gastric Condu?t

Mehmet Yildirim, Savas Yakan, Erkan Oymaci and Hilmi Yazici

Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):1850.Case Report | Open Access

Successful Surgical Treatment of a Necrotizing Fasciitis due to Klebsiella Pneumonia Following Open Prostatectomy

Åžener Balas, Fatma Yıldırım, Mücait Ünal, Alper Gök and Emre Ä°nözü

Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):1849.Case Report | Open Access

Infective Endocarditis: More Than a Heart

Irem Karauzum, Kurtulus Karauzum and Tayfun Sahin

Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):1848.Editorial | Open Access

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