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Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;7(1):3572.Research Article | Open Access

Prevalence and Risk Factor Analysis of Stroke after Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery: A Retrospective Cohort Study

Redoy Ranjan1, Shanto Barman2, Dipannita Adhikary3 and Asit Baran Adhikary1,3*

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3363.Research Article | Open Access

The Reconstructive Ladder for Revision Surgery of Combat Amputees

Ernst Jennifer1,2*, Luis Pardo Jr1, Judith C Witzel1, Erik Andres3, Johannes Siegel3, Daniela Wüstefeld3, Wolfgang Lehmann1, Frank Braatz1 and Gunther Felmerer1

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;7(1):3373.Research Article | Open Access

Prognostic Value of Calculated Tumor Volume in Patients with Gastric Cancer

Ji-Hyun Kim1, Kyong-Hwa Jun2* and Hyung-Min Chin2

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;7(1):3372.Clinical Image | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;7(1):3371.Case Report | Open Access

Primary Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma of an Adolescent Girl Breast: A Case Report

Yousef Alalawi1, Abdulaziz Alharthi2, Mohammed S Ali3, Amjad Khan4, Mona Mohamed Mogahed5* and Saad Al Awwad6

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;7(1):3370.Research Article | Open Access

Effect of Surgery on Clinical Outcomes on Limited-Stage Small Cell Lung Cancer

Lei Chen1#, Linggen Gao2#, Tao Zhang1, Xi Liu1 and Yang Liu1*

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;7(1):3369.Case Report | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;7(1):3368.Research Article | Open Access

Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy with X-Ray Free Technique in Morbidly Obese Patients: Outcomes and Skills from a Large High-Volume Stone Management Center

Bo Xiao#, Xue Zeng#, Chaoyue Ji, Gang Zhang, Weiguo Hu, Song Jin, Boxing Su, Yuzhe Tang and Jianxing Li*

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;7(1):3367.Research Article | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;7(1):3366.Case Report | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3365.Research Article | Open Access

Outcome after Right Hemicolectomy with Special Focus on Anastomotic Leakage – A Retrospective Analysis on 641 Patients

Schuster S*, Aigner C, Raab S, Rossetti L, Szabo K, Poljo A, Huber L and Shamiyeh A

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3364.Research Article | Open Access

Peritoneal Dialysate Leak Mistaken as Fournier's Gangrene

Kareem Rifai1, Ahmad Oussama Rifai2*, Sidra Shakil1, Mohammad Mehio4, Sami M Rifai3 and Sarah Rifai3

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3362.Research Article | Open Access

Optimal Timing of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy for Moderate Acute Cholecystitis: A Cohort Study

Xin Geng1, Cijun Peng1*, Bo Wu1, Weidong Gao1, Yuling Duan1, Guoxin Fan1, Shilong Zhang1, Kangwei Liu1, Kai Li1 and Zanjie Feng2

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3361.Case Report | Open Access

Liver Transplantation for Hepatic Trauma: Case Report and Literature Review

Maša Kušar1, Jerica Novak2*, Mihajlo Đokić2 and Blaž Trotovšek2

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3360.Research Article | Open Access

Bowel Resection during Surgery for Advanced Ovarian Carcinoma Oncological Outcomes

Maria Cuadra1, Jose Domingo Sardon2, Baltasar Cermeno2, Julene Argaluza3 and Inaki Lete1*

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3359.Case Report | Open Access

A Rare Case of Small Bowel Duplication and Literature Review

Piazza Caterina Domenica, Barrile Ornella, Salvatore Lo Bianco*, Centonze Danilo Corrado and Piazza Vincenzo Gaetano

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3358.Case Report | Open Access

Jejunal Diverticulosis: Two Case Reports of Life- Threatening Complications

Nadia Van Den Berg1*, Maeve O’Neill1, Conor Keady1, Aoife Canney2 and Myles Joyce1

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3357.Editorial | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3356.Research Article | Open Access

Pubertal Evolutionary Profile of Children Monitored for Fetal Ovarian Cyst (FOC Study)

Sarah Tolleron1, Audrey Cartault1, Sofia Mouttalib2, Julie Vial3, Lea Gauthier3, Agnes Sartor4, Marion Groussolles4, Caroline Munzer5, Olivier Abbo2 and Catherine Pienkowski1*

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3355.Clinical Image | Open Access

A Case of Unusual Deep Cyst of First Pharyngeal Arch: Clinical Image

Fernanda Saito, Nicole Tassia Amadeu, Icaro de Almeida Toledo Pires, Victor Augusto Moreira, Aurenzo Mocelin, Marja Cristiane Reksidler and Rogerio Hamerschmidt*

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3354.Case Report | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3353.Case Report | Open Access

C2-C3 Pseudo-Subluxation – Importance in Urgent Assessment of Cervical Spine Trauma in Childhood

Marcelo Pinho Teixeira Alves1* and Teresa Leonor Vasconcelos Figueiredo2

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3351.Research Article | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3350.Research Article | Open Access

Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Superimposed on Movement and Isoinertial Training for Rotator Cuff- Related Shoulder Pain: A Case Report and Literature Review

Jacopo Emanuele Rocchi1,2*, Arcangelo Parisella1, Sebastiano Nutarelli3,4, Eraldo Malja5, Andrea Macaluso1,2 and Arrigo Giombini1

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3349.Case Report | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3348.Research Article | Open Access

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3347.Research Article | Open Access

The Relationship of Gastric Reflux and Scintigraphy Following Sleeve Gastrectomy

Farise Yılmaz1, Gonca Kara Gedik1, Hasan Onner2 and Huseyin Yılmaz3*

Citation: Clin Surg. 2021;6(1):3346.Case Series | Open Access

Therapeutic Potential of Ibuprofen Inhalation for COVID-19 Pneumonia: Report of Two First Cases

German Ambasch1, Esteban Coscia1, Jorge Luis Tambini Diaz1, German David Bueno1, Luis Alberto Arganaras2, Nicolas Martinez Rios2, Daniela Josefina Porta5, Dante Miguel Beltramo3,4 and Nestor Horacio Garcia5*

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