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Citation: Clin Surg. 2022;7(1):3481.Research Article | Open Access

Does Trop2 Qualify as Prognostic Marker in Papillary RCC?

Franziska Erlmeier1*, Christine Stöhr1, Edwin Herrmann2, Iris Polifka1, Abbas Agaimy1, Lutz Trojan3, Philipp Ströbel4, Frank Becker5, Christian Wülfing2, Peter Barth6, Michael Stöckle5, Michael Staehler7, Christian Stief7, Axel Haferkamp8, Markus Hohenfellner8, Stephan Macher- Göppinger9, Bernd Wullich10, Joachim Noldus11, Walburgis Brenner12, Frederik C Roos13, Bernhard Walter10, Wolfgang Otto14, Maximilian Burger14, Andres Jan Schrader2, Arndt Hartmann1, Stefanie Zschäbitz15, Marie Mikuteit16 and Sandra Steffens2,16

1Institute of Pathology, University Hospital Erlangen-Nürnberg, Friedrich Alexander University (FAU), Germany
2Department of Urology, University Hospital Münster, Germany
3Department of Urology, University Hospital Göttingen, Germany
4Department of Pathology, University Hospital Göttingen, Germany
5Department of Urology and Pediatric Urology, University Hospital Saarland (UKS), Germany
6Department of Urology, University Hospital Marburg, 35037 Marburg, Germany
7Department of Urology, University Hospital Munich, Germany
8Department of Urology, University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany
9Institute of Pathology, University Hospital Mainz, Germany
10Department of Urology and Pediatric Urology, University Hospital Erlangen, Germany
11Department of Urology, Marien-Hospital Herne, Ruhr University Bochum, Germany
12Department of Urology, University Hospital Mainz, Germany
13Department of Urology, University Hospital Frankfurt, Germany
14Department of Urology, University Hospital Regensburg, Germany
15Department of Medical Oncology, National Center of Tumor Diseases, University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany
16Department for Rheumatology and Immunology, Hannover Medical School, Germany

*Correspondance to: Franziska Erlmeier 

 PDF  Full Text DOI: 10.25107/2474-1647.3481


Background: Trophoblast cell surface antigen 2 (Trop2) is a transmembrane glycoprotein and promising biomarker for diagnosis and prognosis and a potential target for treatment. It plays a major role in signal transduction and is important in many aspects of tumorigenesis. Trop2 is a member of the Epithelial Cell Adhesion Molecule (EpCAM) family. It is overexpressed in several tumor types and associated with an aggressive phenotype. The prognostic role of Trop2 in Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC), especially in papillary RCC (pRCC), is still unclear. Patients and Methods: The patients’ sample collection is a joint collaboration of the PANZAR consortium. Patients’ medical history and tumor specimens were collected from n=240 and n=128 patients with type 1 and 2 pRCC, respectively. Expression of Trop2 was determined by immunohistochemistry. Results: In total, Trop2 staining was positive in 55 of 240 type 1 and 30 of 128 type 2 pRCC cases. Kaplan-Meier analysis disclosed no significant difference in 5-year overall survival for all pRCC nor either subtype. However, in all pRCC Trop2 expression was found significantly more often in patients with a higher tumor stage (p=0.016) and advanced disease (p=0.015). Multivariate analysis could not identify Trop2 as an independent prognostic marker. Conclusion: Trop2 was significantly associated with more advanced disease in all pRCC. However, Trop2 could not be identifying as an independent prognostic marker. Future studies are warranted to determine if Trop2 plays a role as prognostic marker in pRCC.


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Erlmeier F, Stöhr C, Herrmann E, Polifka I, Agaimy A, Trojan L, et al. Does Trop2 Qualify as Prognostic Marker in Papillary RCC?. Clin Surg. 2022; 7: 3481..

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