Editorial Board

Breast surgery journal is an international, multidisciplinary, open access, peer-reviewed journal focused on recent scientific advances in the surgical procedures on breasts. Breast surgery is most common surgery performed on women over worldwide. Due to its significant importance, it is typically divided and studied into three different categories such as augmentation, reduction, and reconstruction which are collectively studied and practiced under single medical sub-specialty breast surgery. The journal has scored good breast surgery impact factor with its top surgical periodicals which are accepted and published from all over the world.
Breast surgery journal aims to serve as an international forum for a scientific community where an exchange of knowledge and practical information is possible between medical researchers, clinicians, and academicians. The international readership is reflected in the metrics of journal breast surgery impact factor and provides clinical investigation outcomes, laboratory research on prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of breast surgery. Articles submitted to the breast surgery journal are accepted and published only after a double-blind peer review process which is managed by our editors assuring quality and standards of the journal as per international open access publishing ethics.