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Bariatric surgery journal is a one of the most remarkable sub-section journal of Clinics in Surgery™, which is an international, peer-reviewed, scholarly, open access mega-journal. The journal mainly deals with the latest research in surgical and laparoscopic techniques for the treatment of severe obesity and metabolic and its related disorders. Bariatric surgery is also called as weight loss surgery or gastric bypass surgery and is recommendable for the individuals with severe obesity with BMI of 40 to 35, in whom exercises and other diet control programmes have not worked to improve from serious health problems caused due to overweight.
The U.S. National Institute of Health and American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery recommend all its citizens for this type of weight loss surgeries to improve their health. Accompanied with a team of researchers National Institute of Health symposium have conducted an evidence-based study on 2013 on the patients who underwent this type of surgeries have reduced 29% to 36% reduction in mortality rates. Being so successful and benefits these surgeries still have some side-effects which have to be addressed and need to be done thorough research on clinical trials. The Bariatric surgery journal acts as an international forum or medium between researchers and health professionals in exchanging these research and clinical outcomes in the form of bariatric surgery journal impact factor articles.