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Citation: Clin Surg. 2018;3(1):2170.Review Article | Open Access

Hands and Fingers Disorder as a Women’s Disease- Why My Hands and Fingers Hurt or Grow Numb

Yuichi Hirase

Department of Hand Surgery and Microsurgery, Yotsuya Medical Cube, 7-7 Nibancho Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan

*Correspondance to: Yuichi Hirase 

 PDF  Full Text DOI: 10.25107/2474-1647.2170


Hand surgeons still cannot explain the mechanism of hand and finger pain in the menopause. It has been pointed out recently that such disorders may be deeply related to changes in female hormone, particularly estrogen. The reason why similar finger symptoms occur during or after the menopause and during the postpartum lactation period, despite the age gap of decades between these periods, is that the estrogen level drops over a short time span in both periods. These are the factors underlying the swelling of tendons and joints resulting from a rapid decline in the estrogen level. It is strongly inferred that, if a low-estrogen state continues during or after the menopause, it can cause swelling of the synovial membranes around joints or tendons, and this can develop into trigger finger, de Quervain disease, carpal tunnel syndrome or osteoarthritis. This article examines the background of development of tenosynovitis and osteoarthritis of the fingers as a women’s disease, based on recent research results. And the effect of equol-containing food (SE5-OH) for hand and finger disorders of women is discussed.


Menopause, Tenosynovitis, Osteoarthritis,, Estrogen receptor, Equol- containing food(SE5-OH)

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Hirase Y. Hands and Fingers Disorder as a Women’s Disease- Why My Hands and Fingers Hurt or Grow Numb. Clin Surg. 2018; 3: 2170.

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