Clin Surg | Volume 5, Issue 1 | Case Report | Open Access

Spinal Tuberculosis - A Case Report

Baranowska Alicja1 , Baranowski Pawel1 , Baranowska Joanna1* and Plusa Tadeusz1,2

Department of Neuroorthopedics, Mazovian Rehabilitation Center STOCER, Poland 2 Lazarski University, Poland

*Correspondance to: Joanna Baranowska 

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Tuberculosis is the main cause of morbidity and mortality in tropical, developing countries where the access to running water and primary healthcare is difficult. Spinal tuberculosis constitutes 15% of cases of extra pulmonary tuberculosis and as many as 50% of cases of tuberculosis with osseoarticular involvement. Paraplegia is the most severe complication of spinal tuberculosis. A relatively rapid diagnosis facilitates a faster implementation of appropriate treatment and may prevent disability. In patients with anterior spinal tuberculosis and higher grades of paraplegia presented during physical examination, with the compression on the spinal cord confirmed with MRI or computed tomography, surgery is the treatment of choice. MRI is the most sensitive imaging technique for diagnosis of spinal tuberculosis, which usually shows deformity of the spine, vertebral body and adjacent intervertebral disk damage and cold abscess in surrounding tissues.


Baranowska A. Baranowski P. Baranowska J. Plusa T. Spinal Tuberculosis - A Case Report. Clin Surg. 2020; 5: 3002..

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