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Mature Mediastinal Teratoma: The Longue Timeline from Onset of Symptoms to Definitive Management

Sani Rabiou1*, Boubacar Efared2, Hicham Harmouchi1, Marouane Lakranbi1, Mounia Serraj3,4, Yassine Ouadnouni1,4 and Mohamed Smahi1,4

1Department of Thoracic Surgery, CHU Hassan II, Morocco
2Department of Pathology, CHU Hassan II, Morocco
3Department of Respiratory Diseases, CHU Hassan II, Morocco
4Department of Medicine and Pharmacy, Sidi-Mohamed-Ben-Abdellah University, Morocco

*Correspondance to: Sani Rabiou 

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Background: Mediastinal teratomas are rare. Nevertheless, they represent the most frequent mediastinal germ cell tumours. The aim of our work is to study the anatomoclinic and radiological features of these mediastinal tumours.Methods: This is a retrospective study carried out in the CHU Hassan II department of thoracic surgery between June 2009 and May 2017, collecting 8 teratomas from the mediastinum.Results: They are 5 women and 3 men with an average age of 37 years (extremes of 16 to 65 years). The main sign revealing was chest pain in three cases. We noticed a complex rupture in the bronchi and the lung in one case, associated with a cutaneous fistula in another patient. The radiological assessment showed an evocative aspect of a mediastinal teratoma with ranges of variable densities: solid, fluid, fat and calcium only in three patients. The surgical exploration by posterolateral thoracotomy had allowed the complete resection of the tumor in the cases. Anatomopathological examination of the room confirmed the diagnosis of a mature teratoma in all patients.Conclusion: The clinical picture of mediastinal mature teratomas is non-specific. The association with a rupture testifies to the long evolution of this disease. The imaging is often atypical showing entirely cystic lesions.


Tumor of the mediastinum; Mature teratoma; Teratoma ruptured; Surgery


Rabiou S, Efared B, Harmouchi H, Lakranbi M, Serraj M, Ouadnouni Y, et al. Mature Mediastinal Teratoma: The Longue Timeline from Onset of Symptoms to Definitive Management. Clin Surg. 2018; 3: 2063.

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