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Revision "Layer-by-Layer" of Severe Iatrogenic Ectropion: Technical Notes

Cotrufo S, Omakobia E* and Liew C

Department of Head and Neck Cancer Service, University College Hospital, UK

*Correspondance to: Eugene Omakobia 

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Iatrogenic ectropion is a severe condition that requires careful assessment and management. There are various techniques available to correct different degrees of ectropion and for the management of the most severe cases it becomes necessary to combine them together. This article presents the assessment and treatment of a severe case of ectropion following resection of a basal cell carcinoma of the middle third of the face and initial reconstruction with an inappropriate technique. The authors present the correction of the above case with a combination of skin and muscle flaps to obtain reconstruction “layer-by-layer”. The result achieved with this approach is excellent because each missing component of the lower eyelid is replaced ad hoc with local tissues; the orbicularis oculi muscle flap has proved to be a very powerful sling supporting the lower eyelid all the way from canthus-to-canthus.


Cotrufo S, Omakobia E, Liew C. Revision "Layer-by-Layer" of Severe Iatrogenic Ectropion: Technical Notes. Clin Surg. 2016; 1: 1078.

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